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01-23-2007, 02:55 PM
Janessa was a precious baby that God called home shortly after birth. I'll never forget our anticipation her arrival. We had waited 39 weeks for her arrival. Then I went through 8 hours of labor to have our precious daughter. Then just as quickly as she had been born the doctor swept her away. They called a code blue to the delivery room. Then they quickly appeared, along with my doctor and his intern, there was another general practitioner, one specialist, one radiologist and nurses coming from everywhere. I'm guessing there were approximately 20 medical professionals in all. I just sat there with my husband at my side, watching as they desperately fought to keep our baby alive. I can remember sitting there praying for her to fight trying to give her the will to live, "please baby, I know you're a fighter, you can do it". The next thing we know the doctor came over crying to tell us there is nothing more they could do. As we sat there crying, his mother walked in to console us, the minister had come and prayed with us. She had died, due to a diaphragmatic hernia. She weighed 8 lbs, 3 oz & was 21 inches long.

Our nurse was a wonderful person, she cared for Janessa, just like she cared for any new baby. She tells us this story that was her experience with our daughter. We didn't want to hold her right away, so she decided that she would go and rock the baby, because every baby deserved to be rocked. She took her into the break room for surgery and to her surprise there was a rocking chair just sitting there, so of course she rocked our baby. She had never noticed it there and had asked several people if they had seen it there, "no, there has never been a rocking chair in there". She went back in there several days later and the rocking chair was gone. To us a sign of God to help our precious little one.

Janessa is truly and unconditionally loved by so many people. I never thought that a baby, who no one had gotten the chance to know, could touch the hearts of so many.

Janessa, we love and miss you so much. We only wish you were still here with us. We know that God had a special plan for you and we will know when we join you. I know you'll have so much to tell us, along with your lil sister Dusty, we love you much, sweetheart. You'll always and forever be a part of me.

Love, Mommy

Written by Janessa's mom, Monica Young (Nevada)