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  1. Updating

    Just updating.
    Some much has happened in the last couple of weeks.
    I am now one of the Volunteer Coordinators!!Which makes me very happy and I am so honored to have this position and only hope I can do the best job!!!!
    Shelby is actually eating a little by mouth and that alone is EXCITING!!!
    Lexi, (my oldest daughter) turned 8!!!She is getting so big!!!
    Shane has started his own construction company and it has been very stressful-but I stand by him and hopefully ...
  2. What a couple of crazy days it has been

    WOW.....Tuesday Shane's Grandmother passed away. Two little girls...ages 5 and 2 lost their lives in a flood accident.
    Were we live in Indiana we have had very bad flooding.
    Shane's Grandmother had a major part in raising him. So this was a difficult time for us.
    We had to explain to the girls that we could not go, only Daddy, because Shelby has to stay in her own environment.
    The little girls that lost their lives- they were close in age to my youngest. It seems like ...
  3. New Year

    Took Shelby to the doc today and she has this bad cough. We tried Robintosion and that did not work. So we are trying Deallergy. It has dried up her mucus before and I am hoping it will now. Last night she retched so much, finally at 5:30 this morning...we stopeed her feed. She was so unhappy.
    Then we weighted her today and on the 27th of Dec she was 19 pds 9 ounces. Today she weight 19 pounds 5 ounces. So she has lost again!!!! :(
    Bless her heart. I feel so bad for her. ...
  4. Just catching up

    Christmas went well. Shane did not come with, but we all enjoyed ourselves any ways.
    Shane is not going back to work at U.S. Metals and that has caused so many problems.
    I have talked to my mother and father and we have come up with a plan that I go in once a week to check our secretary work and make sure she is doing things correctly. That makes me feel better-we will know if she is doing something wrong.
    Shelby weighs 19 pounds 8 ounces and is walking all the time. ...
  5. Finally excited for CHRISTMAS

    I am finally over being scared to be on the hospital for Christmas.
    Shelby's last test went so very well.
    She is gaining weight a little at a time and walking everywhere.
    Everytime I look at her and her sisters I know I have been so blessed.
    Having a very bad fight with my parents.
    We have a family business and Shane did work there. Well he quit. My parents have sided with a secretary that only has worked there less than a year. I have taken Shane's side- and ...
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