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  1. A Thousand Years

    Heart beats fast
    Colors and promises
    How to be brave
    How can i love
    when i'm afraid to fall
    but watching you stand alone
    all of my doubt
    suddenly goes away somehow
    one step closer

    i have died everyday waiting for you
    darling, don't be afraid i have loved you
    for a thousand years
    i'll love you for a thousand more

    time stands still
    beauty in all she is
    i will be brave
    i will not let anything
  2. Final Resting Place

    Sienna was put to rest on last Saturday, ...a day that will live in my memories forever. Our priest said some wonderful thing he kept repeating was "do not let your hearts be troubled" I think alot of parents on here who choose what we chose have troubled hearts. We got Sienna beautiful white roses in a pink vase with Precious Daughter inscribed on the ribbon. The nameplate was difficult to look at. How can I be burying one of my children at 27? Why did this happen to ...
  3. Ever used this therapy for Pulmonary Hypertension?

    I'm trying to find research done on Inhaled Prostacylin or also known as Iloprost.
    Inhaled Vasodialtor used with nitric Oxide to help treat Pulmonary Hypertension.
    Anyone heard of this?
  4. Killian as of now..and some of his past

    Just wanted to give a brief of Killians story, i created this while i was still pregnant and then got a bit busy and over whelmed after his birth.. my sister runs a blog site and his FB account and CDH Cherub Killian on FB.
    Killian was born January 2nd he spent 24 hours off of ECMO then he was on ECMO for 6 days, he had his repair surgery while on ECMO. The closed his repair insicion but after a day or so he had extra blood and pressure in his abdomin so they ...
  5. Update Amairani Vianney

    she is going home thursday off oxygen, NG tube, kinda wants a bottle but is still scared of it. shes off all meds, gaining wieght , & is set to go home now but i asked to make a extra trial run just to make sure ;] i have a facebook so add me tons & tons of pics of amairani on it search eli corea or let me know your name if you cant kind me ;]