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  1. My Prayer

    Dear Lord,
    In the poem" Footprints," there appeared one set of footprints in the sand, and your words were, " It was then that I carried you..."
    Lord, I know you are carrying me because that is the only way I know I am making it day by day right now and able to feel the peace that I do. But I need you to please carry Bryson. Carry his lungs, and carry his heart in your hands. Sustain him so they are able to work on their own. Whatever you need to do, Lord, Please ...
  2. Our First Christmas

    Hello, My Gorgeous Little Man!

    Merry First Christmas, Liam Anthony Hunt!

    Yesterday brought many special moments for our family! Some members of our family gave us very specialgifts in your honor. Nonna and Grandpa gave you your first teddy bear- a Vermont Teddy Bear called the Angel Bear. It suits you perfectly! It sits on your shelf with many of your other precious things. Your Aunt Jackie gave us a sterling silver baby bootie engraved with your name and birthdate. ...
  3. Missing Aaron

    I made the grave blanket for Aaron’s grave last night. I was up all night couldn’t sleep. I ended up taking the tree down. I feel making it from the trimmings of our tree is sharing our love. I am somewhere between giddy and depressed...crazy ...I think. This is so sad. But Praise God I have l a good support group. It is a blessing. This is my 4th Christmas without my son. Believe it or not, I believe the 1st Christmas was easier because I was still in shock. At least that 1st year if I wanted to ...
  4. Good Morning, My Precious Liam!

    Good Morning, My Precious Liam!

    Last night was a very special night! Nonna and Grandpa gave you and Landon your Christmas Eve gifts. You got a beautiful Lion ornament with your precious name and the year. Landon got a "so cool," as he says, green tractor ornament with his "so cool" name and the year. They are perfect! You and Landon have quite the collection of your own ornaments now!

    Uncle Skip and Aunt Donna came home from FL to visit everyone ...
  5. update: Vianney

    I havent updated much....

    for start offs...

    my induction is on dec 30, 2011,
    i will try to updated again once my sweet bby is born:] till them im going to try to rest, im going to need it.

    please pray for my baby & her health.
    so far she is healthy beside her cdh, but they dont fully know till she is out, thats what scares me! the unknown. but god will only choose the best for her.

    parys & hugs to everyone ...