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  1. Once Again an Update... Amairani Vianney

    Surgery has been put off for two weeks....
    she got an bladder infection...
    has been put on antibiotics...
    Ill just update when surgery does happen
    because shes doing great they said there no rush to fix her problem...
    hopefully soon everything happens with great results ...
    Im so home sick & just wanna be albe to be a mom to my bby already...
  2. Reposting just in case you missed it and added some new updates

    For some reason it say's that this post was deleted, it was still there so i figured i would repost in case any of ya'll wanted to read joseph's story from the beginning. Adding some new milestones at the end Finally getting around to posting his story. Joseph was born on sept 15. Was placed on ECMO 6 hrs after he was born. He stayed on until they found bleeding in his head, they did an emergency PDA when he was 7 days old. Had his repair on day 8. Started having seizures on day 9. Got to hold ...
  3. Good Afternoon, My Little Peanut!

    Good Afternoon, Liam Anthony Hunt!

    Today has been a rather good day for Momma. The sun is shining outside my window at work and the group of girls that I work with are absolutely hysterical! They keep me on my toes and always know how to make me laugh and smile. I thank God for their friendship and support!

    Landon has been having a rough few days. Yesterday I took him to the doctor because of a running nose, dry cough, goopy eyes and chest congestion. He's always such ...
  4. update: Amairani Vianney... once again :)

    surgery is set again for friday....
    hopefully she gets it done, im becoming broke lol
    nothing has changed.... really...
    she keeps doing good
    & thts all i ask for
  5. Update: Amairani vianney

    Surgery was not done today last night she came down with a fever and lab work was done to see if she has any type of infection, result would be back in 48hrs. another delay but worth it i dont want to send her in at a bad time, i rather her wait and be prepeard for the surgery to come out strong:] I still dont know the next date they have set but ill update once again :]