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  1. 24 and expecting her first child

    by , 07-18-2015 at 08:21 PM (My second grandson has arrived Brantley Reed)
    Well Angel is living with her boyfriend and she has 2 children of his that she is being a stepmom too a daughter Shayla is 16 and a son Tristan 6. We found out that she was expecting in April it is now July 17 2015 and she is going to have a boy. This will be my 3 grandchild I already have a grandaughter Kendall who is 11 and a grandson Noah who is 6 so this one will make me 2 grandsons she is due Nov 4 2015. She is carrying very low right now. After a discussion with her doctor she will continue ...
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  2. Molly's Congenital diaphragmatic hernia Journey

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    Quote Originally Posted by elishabamboo View Post
    [IMG]WP_20150401_13_04_30_Pro[/IMG]On the 1st of November our daughter molly was diagnosed with a life threatening condition from in the womb called a congenital diaphragmatic hernia it was detected on ultrasound scan (CDH) Is when the diaphragm in the first trimester of pregnancy what controls the lungs ability to inhale exhale, molly's failed to form so which

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  3. My boy diagnosed with LCDH due date November 1

    My name is Ella. Here is my story and I really need help. Last year i lost my boy at 30 weeks . He is stillbirth due to heart tumor. It's was spontaneous pregnancy after my breast cancer , chemo and radiation. Doctor said I have 1% chance to get pregnant again. We did couple IUI , cycle of IVF and did not work. I almost gave up and on January 15 spontaneously got pregnant . Everything was fine till 16 weeks. At ultrasound my doctor saw stomach in the chest and said its possible CDH and send me in ...
  4. Having problems

    Hello everyone. I have never posted anything here but now Im overwhelmed. Need a little bit of help here. I have a 9 year old survivor. She has had asthma and heart issues. Last year we finally got the green flag from the cardiologist. The asthma thing is calm now also. Now we have another issue, She recently (over the last 9 months) has developed EXTREME acid reflux. We've already had the barium test with xray and the results are the the lower sphincter never closes. So we are being sent to a GI ...
  5. Any cherubs with asthma? would like to hear some stories and advice...

    phoenix has asthma, hes on an inhaler he gets twice daily and albuterol that he gets every 4 hours... however he sometimes has attacks inbetween treatments... want to talk to pulmonologist about getting something for that... we are finally treating his breathing problems thank goodness its a relief.

    would like to hear if any other cherubs have asthma.. how severe it is, triggers... what is done for them... etc...

    would be greatly appreciated thankyou