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  1. Delivery

    Please pray for us as I am scheduled to deliver our CDH baby May 4th!
  2. Finding Out...

    I went in for an appointment and ultrasound at about 17 weeks. During the ultrasound the technician asked if I wanted to know the sex if she could tell. I got really excited and said "yes, of course." Her main goal was to measure my cervix, but we always take a peek to see what the baby was up to. When we got to the area, it was hard to tell. It looked like the umbilical cord might be there, so she couldn't say for sure, but if she had to guess it would be boy. But didn't want me ...
  3. The Second Time Around

    I felt like this pregnancy, especially in the beginning, that I was comparing everything to my first pregnancy.

    My first pregnancy I was so sick for a long time. It was probably around 25 weeks that I stopped getting morning sickness. I have rheumatoid arthritis. Before we were trying to get pregnant I was on a medication called Methotrexate, a cancer medication that would be very toxic to the womb. I stopped taking it about six months before we started trying. It was so painful, ...
  4. The Beginning of something wonderful.

    So I am starting this blog quite late. My daughter was diagnosed with CDH in 2013, and I never felt the need to write about it. But lately, it's all I can think about doing. So I've decided to write about her journey and where we are now. It's probably going to take me many days and several posts to catch up, so bear with me.

    I found out I was pregnant with my second child in October of 2012. I had an almost 2 year old little girl, Penelope, we call her Penny. We live in western ...
  5. On the road to recovery

    Well it's been a very slow and rocky road as we are now entering day 47 of our precious little angel's life.
    My apologies for not blogging on the progress, this is mainly because to me it felt as though there was little to no progress, and yet when I now look back over the last 47 days and especially the 3 weeks since his last surgery and my last blog post we have made HUGE progress.
    Milestones and progress tracking:
    On the 5 December, mom and dad were able to hold him for the ...

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