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  1. You Give Me Peace

    My Dearest, Liam,

    Last night was a tough night for Momma. Daddy and Lan went to Mimi and Pop-Pop's for dinner. I haven't been sleeping well, so Daddy said I could stay at home and try to rest and relax. I, of course, could not rest. I did some housework to keep busy and colored my hair- the first time since I found out I was pregnant with you. I reached a point where a felt a little tired, so I made some dinner and caught up on America's Next Top Model. After I dozed for a bit, I ...
  2. December 5th Update

    Bryson is holding his own and doing fair. The nurses say he's better than text book! He has already overcome so many hurdles but has many more hurdles ahead of him. With the surprised esophagus surgery, (TEF/EA) it looks like a 3 month minimum stay in NICU. He NEVER was on ECMO. PTL. He has help from a ventilator when he gets distressed, but most of the time he is breathing our oxygen level of #21 on his own. So many miracles already. Preliminary tests are all good. We won't know about his blood ...
  3. Saved by You, Liam!

    My Dearest Liam,

    So many things have transpired since my last letter to you, although you have been there for them all because you are always with me- and I talk your ear off most days!

    I went to my first grieving parents support group last week, and I am so grateful that you gave the the extra boost and push that I needed. I was hesitant to go, but so glad that I did. I met some amazing mothers, all who have lost their children at different times in their lives, at ...
  4. Vianney: belly casting:) && last ultrasound news!

    Well lets start off by......

    Some good news Vianney is drinking the water around her!
    something they thought she wasent able to do
    weight: 6.6lb at 35 weeks! they even did the buzzerd test! she heard it loud & clear! (she wasent happy to get wakin up) we couldnt get her to move her hands from her face to get a 3D but i got to see her open her mouth so wide for a drink
    Im so proud of her shes keeps doing great,
    I cant wait to take her to the park ...
  5. Surgery Update

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ID:	539Bryson made it through surgery and did “better than expected.” They were able to do a full repair with no complications. There were 2 areas instead of just one that was connected to his GI track but it was repaired with no problem and the esophagus was able to be connected to the other part without any need to use other foreign parts. He is not out of the woods yet but the surgeon said he is 50% there.

    If all goes smoothly they ...