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  1. almost there! 34weeks!:)

    Im 34 weeks, and im getting more and more........
    scared, excited, overwhelmed everything you can imagine!

    yet im ready to meet my baby girl!
    I wanna see her already, hold her, hear her cry!
    I know that wont happen right away but each day makes it closer!
    Even thought i have to be in seattle to be induced & deliver.
    Im scared its in a city I dont know, a city i dont have family && friends, i dont want to ever leave her in that city ...
  2. Again....

    this past week Axel got the sniffles. but with Axel it's just never plain sniffles. We had to be taken by ambulance the second day of his sniffles due to low O2. He was SATing 75, 76. His pulmonary doctor didn't even have to see his chart, she just said you're not leaving here today. He was admitted put on antibiotics, high plow cannula, and steroids. by the next day he was off his oxygen and feeling a lot better. We were sent home that afternoon with a few meds and told to be kept inside. He's ...
  3. Joseph Update

    Joseph has been one busy boy. He is currently still in the hospital at Northwest texas in Amarillo Tx. He is scheduled for a nissen fondo surgery for monday afternoon. If you would like to read why and all the things that have happened in the 4 weeks that he has been there,, is my blog i update regularly. I try to update on here, but i stay with joseph at the hospital and my phone doesnt let me post to here. I try to do it on facebook, but just dont seem to find ...
  4. Bryson Alexander: 36 weeks and 5 days

    I went yesterday for another u/s and appt.
    They told me that he had what is called Polyhydrothesis something. I guess its alot of amniotic fluid around him or something. No one had mentioned
    that to me. It kind of bothered me. But, they said
    that it doesn't harm the baby, just can make me
    uncomfortable. As far as I am concerned every
    thing makes me uncomfortable these days.
    But, they checked me and I am dialated at 0. 60% effacement. Nothing really happening ...
  5. Missing you!

    My Dearest, Perfect Angel, Liam,

    I miss you so incredibly much! Each day I find that different aspects of my life get easier, not better, but easier. Nonna, Landon and I got to church every Sunday, and I have been gleaning so much faith and insight from each service. We go to Victory Baptist, which is where your Celebration of Life service was. There is much comfort in going to that church, as Pastor and his wife know us all so well now.

    I kiss your pictures adn urn ...