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  1. Adult CDH Clinic Required (Multdisciplinary)

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    Hi I am a 35 year old survivor and I find that Amy is correctabout physicias not understanding until they have exasperated every other test they can. I'm sure it's hard for the doctors but it's hard for us to have a normal life until we have been repaired again I sometimes feel like a robot lol but let me encourage everyone please please get your child's surgical notes get all your child's medical records I don't have mine my parents back then no one knew what a L CDH was hardly it's so uncommon
  2. Cdh

    Hello this is day 1 for me on here I stumbled across this website while trying to get all of my medical records together for my next surgery I was born on Aug 20th 1979 with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia on the left side as you all know what that means I had my first surgery at Columbus Medical center in Georgia at 2 hours old my left lung was punctured and of course fixed the right lung was a resection and I had like many of you guys pins and surgical sutures to put the puzzle back together.In ...
  3. God Help Us

    On Wednesday this week past my husband and I met with the doctor about our unborn son. I went through an MRI so they could see him better. They told us only his intestines are present in the chest. They told us he has a heart deformity as well. He has no lungs except a small "nub" on his right side by the heart. They told me that the moment he is born since he has no lungs, he will die on my chest. They told us all this before we have even seen CHOP. God is with us and I know he will help ...
  4. God has a plan

    My name is Tiffany Brown. Currently I am 20 weeks along with my first child ever. A little boy Named Johan Lee Brown. He is so strong so far. At about 18 weeks he was diagnosed with the CDH. I cried for a week. But then I had an amnio done, today we had a fetal MRI and tomorrow a Fetal EKG. The amnio is coming back normal so far but I will have more information in the near future. I am praying for you all mothers fathers brothers sister and all families going through this as well. God is on our ...
  5. My Pregnancy so far and how I deal

    In January of 2014 we found out that we were expecting this pregnancy was not planned. Yes we did plan on more children after our first but due to financials/Jobs and living arrangements this was very difficult to plan. God decided to throw us a curveball at a point in our lives where we would be struggling to survive the most in our lives together as a family. Finding out that we were expecting was very confusing we wanted to be happy but due to situations surrounding us this was difficult and ...
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