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  1. Update 9-12-12

    We met with a few doctors at Cleveland University Hospital. First was the ob/gyn then neonatologist and last was a surgeon. They all were very nice and knowledgeable. I had an ultrasound and they see TWO LUNGS!! They say our baby has 20-30% of it's diaphragm missing. Bowels in chest, liver and stomach are still down. They say our baby is a 'moderate' case. Baby is growing and moving a lot, which is great. We have decided to continue care with them. At some point I will move to the Ronald ...
  2. Rejection?!?!

    Has anyone had a problem with their children where the body rejects the repair? I took my daughter for a lump that was noticed at 13 months old, after an ultra sound we were told it was a soft tissue mass. I returned to her surgeon and he siad he "believes it to be" he body rejecting the stitching from her repair. No other tests were performed and I'm uneasy with the answers I'm getting.
  3. I am so confused!

    When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Angela Faith I was shocked because after the birth of my son 2 years prior I had an iud inserted. My doctor performed an ultrasound right away to make sure she was ok and to check for the iud, which not visible and later determined to have fallen out. However, because of the iud scare I had many ultrasounds throughout my first trimester, throughout which Angela seemed to be fine. I continued to have ultrasounds, some biweekly, and eventually was told ...

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  4. Mixed Emotions

    Hello, All,

    My husband and I have waited quite some time to shoare this news with everyone, but...

    We are expecting our 3rd child due March 31, 2013!

    We are very excited, but also extremely scared and anxious, as we lost Liam a year ago on June 25, 2012. Please pray for our family during this emotional time and for this child to be safe and healthy!

    With Love,

    Dustin, Jade, Landon and CHERUB Angel, Liam Hunt
  5. Cleveland University Hospitals

    We have a meeting with the docs at Cleveland's University Hospitals (Rainbow babies and children) on Aug. 28, 2012. I am looking for other CDH families who have experience with this hospital.