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  1. Testing

  2. A Miracle

    I have always known that God had us in His hands, this whole situation and whatever we were going through that He was guiding us and directing our every path. I could see it in the slight things he
    was orchestrating, from getting us the best care,
    and the best doctors to just putting the right
    person at the right time to speak encouragement
    to us, but after yesterday's appointment I have no doubt in my mind that He works through the littlest of things, and He can be ...
  3. thinks she grown

    by , 09-21-2011 at 09:36 AM (My second grandson has arrived Brantley Reed)
    well angel has left my home and moved in with her new boyfriend(who is a loser) but she 20 now so i guess its time for mom to have her own life back. I dont think she will stay gone long. But you never know. Ill keep you posted lol
  4. Ethan's pictures

    We took Ethan to get his first studio portraits made yesterday (Sat 9/17/11). He was so interested in the props and other children that it was hard to get a picture of him looking. But they turned out pretty good. He is doing well. He really throws toys a lot and hit Christa in the head with a truck one day this past week. I made him repeat, "Do not throw toys." He repeated each word after I said it. Then I asked him if he knew what I was telling him and what he was saying and he ...
  5. Thank You, My Angel Boy!

    My Dearest, Liam,

    Yesterday Momma got a text message from one of her very best friends, Amber. (Your big brother calls her Ammy. What a silly goose he is! ) She told me that she had her little baby. It was a girl, named Olive Louise Aurilio. Olive's Daddy is very Italian, so her name is perfect! I saw a picture of her today. She's gorgeous, with her head full of dark brown hair and dark eyes. She looks just like her Mommy!

    When Amber texted me yesterday I was amazed ...