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  1. Silas Continued

    Today our genetic counselor (Dan) called & he said our MicroRay test came back NORMAL.. 3rd test & ALL are normal. Which if our son has a syndrome we expected. I have been doing a bunch of research trying to see which syndrome covers most of Silas' symptoms & I found this: VACTERL ASSOCIATION.

    This is considered a "rare disease" (actual statistics ...
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  2. Our Unborn Son Silas

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ID:	32ok to all my family & friends: Im going to try to explain what is going on as you may have figured out something is wrong with our unborn child! 1st let me say the good news: ITS A BOY!!!!! Silas Samuel Forsyth Roach . So our baby boy is fighting for his life! He has been diagnosed with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). He also has missing radius bones in both his arms & possibly clubbed hands. He either has no stomach or a ruptured espogus, 1 kidney & ...
  3. Thank you, Liam!

    My Dearest Liam,

    Thank you for this incredibly busy day! I cannot remember if I've taken the time to blink today, though I must have because I'm still staring at my computer screen.

    Your beauty continues to be all around us! Your rain showered our flowers this morning and your sun warmed our waters.

    I miss you so much and wish I could hold you, though I know now that you are always holding me!

    God Bless You, My Sweet Angel Boy!
  4. Liam's Tattoos

    Good Morning, Beautiful Liam,

    Today Daddy and I are getting our tattoos in honor of you! Daddy is getting the CDH ribbon with wings, a halo and your name on his bicep. I'm getting the CDH ribbon behind my right ear (on my neck) and your name on my right wrist. Mama has always planned to have both of my boys' names on my wrists. Now I will have my matching set!

    Thank you for the sunshine and for the lovely breeze that cools us today! Daddy and Landon sends lots of hugs ...
  5. Good Morning, Dear Liam

    Good Morning, My Dear Liam,

    Thank you for the warm sunshine that shine down upon us! I'm trying to bask in your glory through the sun as I endure a stressful and difficult day at work. My mind seems to be working overtime and I am struggling to find the right words to even speak. It's one of those days that I know that I can only focus on putting on foot in front of the other. Mama even walked out of our house with no shoes on! I looked down at my feet and laughed and smiled. I looked ...