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  1. A "brief" medical history!

    Quote Originally Posted by Brooke Beecham View Post
    Hello everyone!

    My name is Kristen (Wilson) Beecham but I go by Brooke. I learned to introduce myself that exact way when I was 2.5 years old!

    I am a survivor of a LCDH (I was a "complete" herniation, kidney's spleen,liver,intestines,and stomach). My left lung was severely compromised and had not formed past being the literal size of a half dollar. My heart was completely pushed to the right. My spine had formed around those organs compromising my right lung
  2. All right.... last one today!

    To sum me up:
    I'm a mid twenties, breathing, walking, talking, swimming, running, active, blogging, testifying, God fearing, proof of miracles, surgery professional, random money making, DIY'r when money was tight (creative personality, inventor is my 1st calling, produce something out of nothing type. I was these, prior to the hipster-trendy, 'status symbol,' given to the DIY'r- green era of 2010's. I'm talking lightyears from, -totes 'adorbs' hipster SAHM, coupon clipping clepto.; taking ...
  3. More about me....

    'm grateful for life,
    I'm familiar with "tired": one only known by those fighting daily to be living. *Living*: Breathing consistently, conscious brain activity, rhythmic heartbeat, and less muscle atrophy than day before. Fighters for existence!
    I've been the victor of, *the daily fight*, ALIVE :9.855+ days. When I have days where accomplishments are slim to none, I must stop, catch my breath, and reorganize, in doing that I realize; I'm breathing, using my brain, holding ...
  4. I'mmmm BAAAAAACK!!!

    It has been TOO long! I am grateful to be back in contact with all the CHERUBS!!!
    Everything to know concerning me! (almost!)
    I am 27, I'm a wife, I'm a mother, I'm a daughter, I'm a Christian, I'm a homemaker,
    I'm happy, I have blessed days, I'm a Sunday school teacher, I'm a woman,
    I'm a painter that never paints, I'm a writer that writes too little, I'm a story teller,
    I'm a singer, I'm a DIY'r, I'm a make it work'r, I'm lazy, I'm sarcastic, I'm a hard worker, ...
  5. I'm glad to be back 😊

    Hello all!

    I havent been around for a while. It's crazy having 3 active kiddos around. Thankfully my Juan in a million is healthy and very smart. He is 6 now. Going thru 1st grade, went thru baseball and now a purple-blue belt in karate. I just can thank all the ladies here for the great support and prayers. Truly in my heart.
    I'm currently pregnant with baby boy #4 after a miscarriage last December of my twin babies at 12 weeks.
    I really look forward being more active ...