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Baby Boy Diagnosed with CDH at 35Weeks

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Hello, My name is Shawnay. I had an ultrasound yesterday confirming that our son has CDH. I am 35 Weeks pregnant so this is all happening very fast. The reason for the late diagnoses is because my OBGYN never ordered an ultrasound after we found out the sex at 15 wks. I requested a new doctor and she set us up for one right away. Good thing. We are set to go to The Fetal Care Center in Cincinnati, Ohio the beginning of next week to do further testing and meet with our care team. We are still trying to process everything. If anyone has any advice or prayers please send it my way. We are in the Dayton Ohio area. Thank You
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  1. ChristineP's Avatar
    Hi Shawnay,

    I know hearing about the diagnosis for the first time can be scary. All of a sudden your in for more appointments than you intended and a few different doctors speaking to you about your son. When doctors found out my son had CDH, it was a difficult process. Please always remember to never give up and ask as many questions as humanly possible. My prayers are with you. Try to take it easy the best way you can, no extensive bending or moving. I always sung and read to my son. Before I met with a more specialized team, i did some research on what CDH was and compiled a list of questions. This would be best to do so you don't go into the doctors office blind of knowing what is wrong. Ask them how extensive the CDH is, more importantly ask if both lungs are still forming correctly. I wish you the best of luck and if you need anything, please dont hesitate to contact me.