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HELP! GI Issues

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I'm hoping there is someone that has dealt with what we are currently going through.

Our Aiden is 3 months old yesterday. By the Grace of God we came home from the hospital almost a month ago. We are A LONG way away from the 30% chance of survival we were given prior to birth... however, who knew surgery and the NICU would be the easy part!

Aiden is a Left Sided CDH survivor- his stomach, spleen, intestines and part of his liver herniated in to his chest.

I initially was breast feeding-- pumping and feeding with a bottle so that I could track how much he was taking in. He was always extremely gassy with my breast milk no matter what diet changes I made. Once we game home my milk dried up-- too much stress, not enough water or eating despite how much I tried. We then started supplementing half formula and have BM. At this point we have been on 2 different basic formulas, Nutramigen, and are currently trying Elecare. He appears to be in excruiating pain after eating, very gassy and at times won't even take a bottle because after a few drinks he stiffens up and cries out in pain.

We have had a normal upper GI study as well as a lower GI study. Structurally they cannot find anything wrong. At this point his surgeon said he believes it is a digestion issue and we just have to keep trying formulas until we find a fit..... this Momma CANNOT handle many more weeks of seeing him like this. In the last 7 days he's only had formula 3.. the rest he was on plain pedialyte.

Is there anyone that has had something similar to this?? What did you do? Im willing to try anything at this point!

Thank you for any input
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