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Reynaldo alexis sanchez

Alexis jr. aka AJ CDH Journery

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Me and my wife were expecting our second child. We were very excited since we have a 5 year old daughter that has been begging us for a sibling. We had a gender reveal party with family and friends. I cut into the cake and whem i saw the blue feeling I was overcome with joy and the room bursted out into celebration it was one of the most memorable days in my entire life I was going to have a son. 3 months into pregnancy we went for a 3d ultra sound where we discovered our son was diagnosed with CDH we were devastated and knew absolutely nothing about CDH. Me and my wife cried all the way home we immediately began doing research to educate ourselves as parents. We live in Ansonia,CT and the nearest hospital (griffin hospital) was not capable of delivering a baby with CDH the nearest hospital was Yale new haven hospital about 13 minutes away. They had just renovated the entire NNICU floor and had an ECMO program. Yale has come along way and we were impressed with the success the hospital had with previous CDH cases so the choice was clear. The day finally came on 3/26/18 Alexis Reynaldo Sanchez (AJ for short which stands for alexis jr.) Was born 6lb 1oz via C-Section. I held my wifes hand he was pulled out and all i saw was the back of his head as within second he was rsuhed into another room i did not hear him cry or make a single sound. 5 hours later we were finally able to visit him he was hooked up to all these machines. Nurses and doctors coming in and out of the room. All i wanted to do was hold him but that was not possible. We stood by his side just staring at him hoping to get a glimpse of his eyes. We spent about 3 hours with him then went back downstairs to our room. The morning one of the doctors came down to speak with us and informed us that our son was not doing well on the ventilator and the only option was to place him on ECMO we were devestated my father and mother in law were in the room when doctor broke the news and there was not a dry eye in the entire room. He was succesfully placed on ECMO that night and was stable but critical days went past and his status was up and down. Aftee 2 weeks on ECMO he was doing well enough to have surgery done to repair the left sided CDH he had complications with bleeding dueing surgery and had to be taken off the ECMO. He was in very critical condition and docs were very concerned we were absolutely devestated but our lil fighter pulled thru we are almost at a month later he is still on the ventilator but his chest xrays done yesterday looked good and docs are saying he is on the right path. AJ was looking very good and was doing well unfortunately he started to experience severe hypertension and his health declined very rapidly today is 4/26 and AJ is a month old today and docs just gave us the news that they have tried everything possible but they just dont see him making it past the weekend. Me and my wife kiara are devestated and are trying to accept the fact that our son may be getting tired and possibly gaining his wings I love my first born son so much and i know he fought as hard as he could and continues to fight. Please keep him and us in your prayers.
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