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Vianney: belly casting:) && last ultrasound news!

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Well lets start off by......

Some good news Vianney is drinking the water around her!
something they thought she wasent able to do
weight: 6.6lb at 35 weeks! they even did the buzzerd test! she heard it loud & clear! (she wasent happy to get wakin up) we couldnt get her to move her hands from her face to get a 3D but i got to see her open her mouth so wide for a drink
Im so proud of her shes keeps doing great,
I cant wait to take her to the park during the summer, oh of course put cute baby bows on her=]
other then that everything stayed the same
bowls && stomach are the only things they see in her chest, heart is pushed over but the axis are correct,
her troat area..... humm im not sure yet i might be wrong but i belive it is slightly pushed over or in its place again i might be compleatly wrong, i need to ask! she passes her bio.....something test i cant remeber the name but she passed!!!! I got sent to do a none stress test too. I told my doctor "Im not stressing" haha i guess its not that kind of test! But i also came out with flying colors! So yea thats pretty much it for that.......

Now my belly cast!! ....

everyones been asking me why am I making this, taking that, saving this etc. for this pregnancy well my responce is im scared to try to have more babies and be told my baby has something wrong, so im making this my last! besides 3 kids is more then a blessing right well on another note....

I did the belly cast! (well my mom did) we are gonna paint && do all that fun stuff tomarrow, it came out better then expected, since my mom is from Nicaragua, a country in central america they really dont do anything to remember there pregnancies,
so when i asked for help and explained what it was (the cast) her first comment was "did you break your belly?" with this look on her face like if i was crazy!! it was a priceless moment! i had not laughed so hard in months! .... i wish i had recorded her saying that!

well anyways back to the casting! .....
yea it came out good! real good i bought the paint can at motherhood maternity, took me about 1mnth to save up for it && i come to find out toys'r'us has a kit for 20$!! dont spend 49.99 like me! for the same product! .... the cast is currently drying to be sanded and made to look all fancy tomarrow! we are gonna buy roses & dry them! ( done by hanging the upside down till dry & i spray them with hairsray so they can not brake)&& make it be a wall vase thing! Cant wait! I wish i can post pictures to show you guys but my phone dosent allow it, i will try to when my bby is born

Also if you guys know any other way of remembering pregnancies let me know! i want to do everything possible, I wanted to get the pregnancy glamour photo shoot done but im still trying to save the money hopefully i can i only have about 2 weeks to leave to seattle! I already got a regular maternity photos taken these are some what diffrent, there more glamours they do make-up & hair like way over done for a regular day but in pictures therr so cute! (& so expensive) =] ohh & beside all that your compleatly naked! 8] haha cant really worrie about strech marks &stuff like that the touch up all that n hide the unwanted fat.

Long updated right! im just do excited now! im almost due and i get to meet my baby!

ill keep you guys posted!
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  1. Chris and TracyMeats's Avatar
    Lots of prayers for Vianney and you! Look forward to hearing she has arrived.