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Our Prayer

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My Dearest, Liam,

I write to you today with a heavy heart. This heavy heart is not particularly for our family, as I continue to feel more bits of peace and comfort. My heart is heavy for a beautiful little boy and his family. You and I both know how extremely difficult this journey is. We know how unexpected everything is, and that we must cherish every second that passes, and thank God for them all. Liam, you are an amazingly perfect miracle, and your journey was also a miracle, in its own way. You have brought so much to my life, as well as your Daddy's and Landon's lives. You have made us stronger. You have taught me to believe, and even when I want to give up, to keep persevering. I wish, and will always wish, that I could bring you home somehow. If I could just reach up to Heaven and bring you home to me, your Daddy and Landon! We need you down here! You complete us!

Liam, sit with Momma right now and let's pray for beautiful Bryson and his family...

Dear Heavenly Father,
We know that you hear us and we know that you are with us, Dear Lord. We know that you continue to work with us and for us. Lord, we ask that you continue to walk with Bryson. Hold him in your arms, Dear Lord. Hold him closely and tightly. Hold him with My Precious Liam. Allow them to feel Your love and each other's love. Give him strength, comfort and love. Relieve any pain, stress, sadness or discomfort from his little body. Let his lungs fill with air and his heart pump swiftly. Allow him to know how incredibly special and loved he is! We pray all of this is Your Glorious Name, Our Savior, Amen.

I love you, Liam! Thank you for guiding me through this often dark journey. Thank you for giving me a little more peace with each passing day. I am, by no means, better. I will never be better, nor will I ever be the same. Help me to be a different me, a stronger me. You are My Precious Little Peanut! You are my Angel and my Hero! You, along with your brother and Daddy, are my world! I am so proud of you, Liam!

I read this quote a while ago and it makes me think of you:
"It's not about giving up the fight. It's about being strong enough, and having the courage to let go and just be."

You NEVER gave up, Liam! You are wiser, stronger, and more courageous than any of us, and knew that you would find more comfort and peace where you are now. I would never want you to spend your entire life fighting, suffering, and merely existing. I want you to LIVE, My Gorgeous Angel. And now, even though it kills me to not have you, you can LIVE! You are happy and healthy and safe! That's all I've ever wanted for you and your brother! Liam, you come from a place of great love and support, and no matter where you are, you will ALWAYS have that!

I love you SO INCREDIBLY much, Liam Anthony Hunt! God Bless You!

All My Love and Great Pride,
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  1. MariaFarnsworth's Avatar
    What a beautiful blog and a beautiful prayer.

    Much Love,

    Your Momma
    Liam & Landon's Proud Nonna