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A Depressing Day

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My Gorgeous, Precious, Little Liam,

You are my stars and moon;
My sun and rainbow;
My source of joy and pride.

I still wonder why God needed you so soon. I guess he needed you up in Heaven with Him. I don't believe He needed you more than I need you- that is impossible! Your Daddy, Landon and I need you more than anyone ever could or ever will! You are our world, Liam Anthony Hunt!

So many tragic things happen every day. Things that I cannot fathom having to go through. Young children losing a parent; a wife losing her husband; parenst losing children- it all is so devastating. I cannot even begin to recall how many times someone has uttered thr phrase, to either your Daddy or I, "I just can't imagine what you are going through." I hear it every day. I hear my friends and loved ones tell me how incredibly strong I am and how much I inspire them to be better people. It's pretty much a guarantee that I will hear something to that effect every day. Although people find me an inspiration and cannot imagine what we go through, I, even still, cannot fathom what others go through. It is simply heart breaking!

On days like these, I pull my strength and courage from you, Liam! I look into your gorgeous eyes- the wisest eyes I've ever seen- and ask you for guidance and support. You always give it to me! Today, I have heard some tragic stories from my co-workers. I haven't asked to hear them, but being in the same office, I can't help but listen. It's all around me and consuming me. I feel like screaming at all of them, "SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! PLEASE SHUT UP!!!!!!" It's been a really hard day! Yikes, I'm ready for it to be over!

Give me strength, my Dearest Angel! I need you, Liam! I am so proud of you, Peanut! I love you with all my heart and soul!

All My Love, Lots of Hugs and Endless Kisses,
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