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Update: Amairani vianney

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Surgery was not done today last night she came down with a fever and lab work was done to see if she has any type of infection, result would be back in 48hrs. another delay but worth it i dont want to send her in at a bad time, i rather her wait and be prepeard for the surgery to come out strong:] I still dont know the next date they have set but ill update once again :]
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  1. Chris and TracyMeats's Avatar
    Praying her fever has broke and the doctors are quick to find the source. Stay strong baby girl! Praying for your precious baby! You are right, you want her to be strong when she goes into surgery.
  2. ElizabethCorea's Avatar
    it just stopped this morning she got put on anti. to see if it help and it did it was at above 100 dont know if thts bad but it came down.