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Any Single Moms with CDH a baby.

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Hi my name us Angie and I'm currently in the process if trying to get custody of my CDH grandbaby that is in state custody. The state feels that I am not capable of meeting my grandsons needs since I am single. My 23 year old son ( babies uncle ) still lives at home however the state feels since he works full time he is not going to be able to help me and he requires 2 people to care for him. My grandbaby is doing great and is only on medication for reflux, takes a daily vitamin and has an inhaler. He does have a feeding tube which I have been fully trained to care, feed , and change it if needed. My question is are there any single parents out there caring for a CDH survivor and what advise can u give me. I have hired an attorney but he is not knowledgable in CDH.
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  1. FeleciaWoodruff's Avatar
    I don't have any advice about this but I wish you all the best.
  2. jcrawford's Avatar
    I was a single mom with another child 10 when I had my daughter who had CDH I did everything by myself so don't think you can't do it also message me if talking or even talking with your attorney help it's not a easy road but it can be done my daughter is 23 now