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Bethany Gillham

Hi Guys!

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Hi, Guys! My name is Bethany. I am the mommy of a CDH baby named Jack that passed away on August 17th. It's still very hard, but we're doing ok. We started a foundation in Jack's name (The Jack Ryan Gillham Foundation) and we have already had one successful event. We called it "Jack's Baby Shower" and we collected items to be given to the NICU where Jack spent his life. All the money we raised will be donated to The Ronald McDonald House at Christmastime. Anyway, I think Cherubs is an awesome organization and I'm thankful to be a part of it. You can view Jack's life story at

I saw on Corin's blog about having the pictures edited to remove wires, tubes, etc. We had this done and I love it! I'll try to upload the picture of Jack, but I've had trouble doing it in the past.

One more thing...there is a girl named Kristin that joined Cherubs not too long ago. I started talking with her quite a bit. Anyway, she was supposed to be induced on October 29th, but due to high blood pressure she had the baby (Sarah) last Friday and she passed away on Sunday. Just wanted everyone to know so that we can all be praying for her. Thanks!

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