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Thread: looking to talk to parents of adult CDH my son is 32years old.

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    Hi! Our daughter is Now 35 years old. She has been a stay at home and foster mom for a few years. They adopted their foster son almost a year ago. Heís about to turn 3 and keeps her busy. She has also gone back to college to get her Masterís in Social Work. She still has issues with her asthma especially in Spring and Fall. She also has to wear hearing aides. That is in the last few years. She has also developed vestibular migraines in the last few years also. Always here to listen or answer questions to the best of my ability.
    Lisa Carter- mom to 27 year old survivor Cassandra "Casey" Carter. She was undiagnosed until birth in 1986. Born at a hospital without a NICU and was transferred to Dallas Children's hospital where she had her surgery within 3 hours and came home after 11 days. I am also a Co-rep for the State of Texas along with my daughter.

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    Fortunately Dan does not have any serious chronic issues. He does take ADHD meds but has them under control. He is living a very normal life with a job, wife and twins. I'm sorry your son has on going medical issues. I do hope he does everything he can and enjoys his life.

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    I am so happy to hear you are living your best life!!

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