[left:07e3a7c7b5]http://www.cherubs-cdh.org/Album/new/bacon-nathan2.jpg[/left:07e3a7c7b5]It is so wonderful that there is a place we can go and be with those that suffer in the same way that we do. Our son, Nathan Presley, was born on May 5, 2002. We were ready to have a healthy baby, and that is what we were told at all of the check-ups—“He looks great." Well, his health was far from great. We had never even heard of CDH before Nathan, and we have been around a whole lot of babies. Our eyes are opened now.

Just after Nathan was born, there was a team working on him of about nine people. They tell you not to be alarmed, but when you have been in infertility process for nine years, and you see a baby born to you that you never thought you would have, it does not take much to become alarmed. It did not take them long to tell us that we would be losing our son to a defect called a diaphragmatic hernia. "What is that?" we wondered. After we told each other, "They can fix him," Nathan passed away and went back to the Lord in about two hours. We were left to try and understand what happened to our so perfect baby boy. We may never understand, but we held our miracle baby and he taught us about life.

We love you Baby Nathan, so much it hurts-- Mommy and Daddy

Written by Nathan's parents, Jeff and Nicole Bacon (Minnesota)