Families, we need your input!

Our Boards have looked over this and now it's time for your input. Please add comments, suggestions, etc NOTING THE PAGE NUMBER (so we know what you're talking about).

Photos of kids were not included in this review because we didn't want everyone focusing on whether their kid was included or not - we need to focus on what's in this guide so that new and expectant parents have valuable information.

This guide was put together through various materials to update our old PRG.

No, we cannot list any specific hospitals or doctors. It is illegal for us to refer a specific hospital or doctor. We list the Study Group and DHREAMS hospitals on our site and do not want to list in this guide as it becomes out dated quickly.

We are sticking with the 50% survival rate until a standard measurement of mortality and morbidity is set for CDH because every hospitals is choosing their own rates based on marketing - not accuracy.

Any argumentative, competitiveness, nasty comments will be deleted and you will be removed from the group. If you can't be nice and help other CDH families, you don't need to be here.

Please keep this in this group!

What is missing that YOU needed to read at the time of diagnosis? What questions did you want to ask? What would have helped you more?

We want to create the first CDH guide that is a collaboration by all our families and all 3 of our boards - not just something that we and the doctors are giving you. Help us to help future CDH families!