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    Red face Stapleton, Darian Fay

    Hi everyone! I know most of these survivor stories are posted by parents and talk about the initial experience when the child is born, but I figured some people might want to hear about the life of a survivor once they've grown into adulthood! I'm writing this post as a 24 year old survivor after being born with a diaphragmatic hernia on September 15, 1997. Obviously I don't remember much of the experience from when I was born outside of stories my mom told me, and all I really know is that I was taken on a life flight to two different hospitals until they found doctors that were equipped to treat me. After that I was in the hospital for a month or so before my parents could take me home.

    Since then though, I've been living a totally normal and healthy life! I have a little bit of issues with acid reflux now and again, but I got that under control recently and it doesn't really bother me anymore. Otherwise, I've had no physical issues throughout childhood in terms of growth or other conditions (I don't even have any allergies)! Mentally everything has turned out pretty normal as well, aside from maybe above average intelligence. I'm currently working on my PhD in developmental psychology at the age of 24 and lead a pretty happy and fulfilled life. The only thing my hernia left me with was a large scar on my stomach, but I've always seen it as badass more than anything.

    I'm not sharing my story to gloat, I've become very aware of how lucky I am to come out of this both alive and also healthy, I mostly wanted to post to offer a little hope to any parents who are looking for a sign that things really can turn out okay.

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    This is wonderful, I hope my daughter posts a similar story when she is your age. This is all of our dream, I also hope she thinks her scar is badass too because that is what we will tell her!

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