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My Little CDH Angels Story

The moment Steven was born he was put on a ventilator to help him breath and then put on ECMO. Being put on EMCO was a critical surgery for him, there was a strong chance that he wouldn’t make it through that. But miraculously he did! ECMO provides temporary support for lung failure by circulating the baby’s blood through a heart-lung type machine. It can be life-saving, but can be used for only limited time. As days passed and we saw no improvement of lung function things really started to sink in that there was a strong possibility that he won’t make it. Tests only showed Steven only having the left lung which was not supporting his body. We were told he only needs one good healthy lung, so we were all betting on this one little lung. A few days of being on ECMO and he was stable it was time to perform another big surgery, which we all held our breath for again. Rearranging of his organs and repairing his diaphragm. With him being on ECMO and his blood completely thin there was so many odds against him. Again, we were told he could possibly not make it out of surgery. But to our surprise this Wonder of boy and by the grace of GOD made it through.

  1. My Sweet Angel Baby Boy

    by , 06-13-2019 at 06:58 PM (My Little CDH Angels Story)
    This will be the very first post I do here. My son was born with sever RCDH. He was born with hardly any lung tissue. He was placed on ECMO for two weeks. It was the most horrible thing that i had to see my only child go through right after birth. He had his repair surgery while one ECMO and every thing came out good. During his stay at the hospital he was having his good days and extremely bad days. Every day it would be a different thing. Unfortunately do to his sever RCDH he developed Pulmonary