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  1. On the road to recovery

    Well it's been a very slow and rocky road as we are now entering day 47 of our precious little angel's life.
    My apologies for not blogging on the progress, this is mainly because to me it felt as though there was little to no progress, and yet when I now look back over the last 47 days and especially the 3 weeks since his last surgery and my last blog post we have made HUGE progress.
    Milestones and progress tracking:
    On the 5 December, mom and dad were able to hold him for the ...

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    Birth and surgery
  2. Heading for a third operation

    I can't believe that it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post and very little has changed.
    Matthew's condition since his second operation has remained stable. He was taken off the ventilator on the 5 December and onto oxygen. All his medication had also been removed and we have just been trying to wait patiently for the bile in his stomach to clear so that he can begin feeding.
    My son and daughter-in-law are sitting with what feels like gallons of breast milk, expressed and labelled ...
  3. please help me deal with this

    My daughter Salem's story is a long one but please listen
    Salem is 4yrs old and has autism on top of her diaphragm problem. She has autism and is gifted, has a memory like a computer lol. So its virtually impossible to get her any tests (xrays, blood tests, ivs put in ect.) I was ignored for the first year and a half about her diaphragm issues. But I was handed a miracle that she even survived that long! I refused to leave the hospital on dec 6th 2012 until they gave her an xray. They finally ...

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  4. Matthew's second surgery

    Today was another milestone reached in our precious little Matthew's life.
    The Prof pushed all of his intestines into his abdomen, removed the bag and stitched him closed.
    The operation seemed relatively uneventful compared to last week's major surgery and the Prof and anesthetist came out looking pretty happy.
    The Professor is a man of few words, he just walked out of the NICU unit (where they performed the operation due to the fact that it is too risky to move Matthew) gave ...
  5. Matthew's surgery

    Surgery to move the intestines out of the diaphragm and into the abdominal cavity was scheduled for sometime after 5pm on Monday 14/11/2014.
    Fortunately my husband and I went home from work slightly early to sort out all the farm animals on our small holding before going to the hospital for the BIG wait.
    At about 9pm Prof Beale began what was about a two hour operation, not without it's complications.
    The intestines (it seems like only the intestines had moved into the diaphragm, ...