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  1. Ethan's eye appointment

    Ethan has been doing great. He went to the eye doctor yesterday at Emory and they said his prescription is ok for his vision but that he will need surgery for his crossed eyes. They said it is not an emergency so we are going to talk to his pulmonologist in a couple of weeks and see if he will clear him for anesthesia. It is supposed to be general anesthesia so as long as he is just masked and not intubated it shouldn't be a problem. I think we are going to wait until spring time after the ...
  2. So far so good...

    Halloween was great. Axel got some candy and when he got tired and we followed the group we were with in the car, his big brother took his pail and asked for candy for him. How sweet. The beginning of November has gone great so far. Looks like he really wants to start crawling but his arms still need a lot more work. Today we saw the GI doctor for the first time. All I have to say is DR. J is great. No more formula now it's just pediasure. It has more calories and can give him more volume. The ...
  3. Your First Halloween

    My Perfect Angel, Liam,

    Yesterday marks your first Halloween. Landon was a lion, in honor of you. He kept saying, "I like Liam, Momma!" He was very proud of his costume and gave everyone a great big ROAR, in true lion fashion. He dreaded putting it on at first but after Momma bribed him with his green blankie, Little Einsteins, and McDonald's, he gave in. Once he put it on, he never wanted to take it off. He said, "No Momma, be like Liam!" He truly looks up to ...
  4. 30weeks... && maternity photo shoot:)

    so now im 30 weeks and a few day,
    everyday i keep her inside is a gift
    we have a ultrasound every week that keeps me busy,
    this week coming up i have one appiontments everyday starting
    from 8am till they let me go, im going to be tierd!
    but its worth it, they get there info anf i get tons of u/s pics,
    even though its normal now that i dont look at the tv no more i just take a quick nap

    everything is great so far,
    her liver never ...