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  1. He's Here

    Our son Jackson was born at 5:32pm on 11/12/13 at the Montreal Jewish General Hopsital. He weighed 8.7lbs. After being stabilized at this hospital he was transported to the Montreal Children's Hospital to the NICU where he was to be stabilized once more.
    Unfortunately, his lungs were not strong enough to be supported by ventilation alone. Given the option to let him go or to attempt additional life support, we decided to do whatever it takes to give him a chance & at 11:00pm he underwent ...
  2. 11 yr old girl CDH survivor

    hi, i'm a father of a 11 year old CDH girl that had 1 hernia repaired 3 times by 6weeks from birth due to re-herniation x2, eventually repaired using porcine patch/tissue . just wondering if any of your members or their children who are/were CDH have encountered complications such as scoliosis, reduced lung function with her being affected badly by common colds,chest infections etc, and terribly small appetite as a result of CDH? in the last year we found out that she had scoliosis which the doctors ...
  3. CDH info for school enrolment

    Hi There
    I am enroling my 8 year old son in a new school. Although his CDH repair went well he has been left with health issues and I think that it would be benificial for his school to have some background info on CDH.
    I am just wondering if somebody could provide me with links to resources that would be relevant.
    Thanks in advance xx
  4. MEDICAL SUPPLIES MUST GO with pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by JMighton View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

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    mossimo sensors $10 each Normally charged $27 per medical company
    nellcor sensors $5 each

    Everything else just please help with postage!!!!!!

    you can call text or email

    405-361-1427 0r
  5. Any Single Moms with CDH a baby.

    Hi my name us Angie and I'm currently in the process if trying to get custody of my CDH grandbaby that is in state custody. The state feels that I am not capable of meeting my grandsons needs since I am single. My 23 year old son ( babies uncle ) still lives at home however the state feels since he works full time he is not going to be able to help me and he requires 2 people to care for him. My grandbaby is doing great and is only on medication for reflux, takes a daily vitamin and has an inhaler. ...