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  1. My 23 month old left sided CDH survivor may need more surgery :/

    Hi guys, my 23 month old son Jameson is a left sided CDH survivor. He had his life saving surgery at Boston Children's Hospital and he continues to go there to meet with the CDH clinic. We just met with Pulmonary this past thursday and the doctor suggested that he might have a cleft in his throat, causing his Dysphagia/ larengeal penatration. He is at high risk for aspiration because of it and we have to use "Thick It" in everything that he drinks (he's currently battling ...
  2. Medical supplies must go

    * 23 Mossimo SpO2 sensors brand new for sale $10 each they do come with extra adhesive strips.
    * 9 adhesive circle cheek tube holders, just help with postage.
    * 2 25ft oxygen tubing, just help with postage.
    * 5 Nellcor SpO2 sensors brand new $5 each.
    * 4 7ft peds oxygen cannulas, just help with postage.
    * 15 7ft infant oxygen cannulas, just help with postage.
    EVERYTHING IS BRAND NEW NEVER OPENED. i hate to ask for any price but most of this i ...
  3. Blog for Teens & Young Adults w/ Chronic Illnesses

    For a class project, I've started a blog titled "Medical Inheritance." The intention is to share my experiences as I learn to navigate the adult medical system, stories from day to day experiences, and tip & tricks for dealing (for lack of a better word) with my conditions.

    I also hope to connect with other young adults in the same boat as I who would like to contribute to the blog. Share their stories, their tips & tricks, and create a bit of an information archive ...
  4. 23 year old survivor

    Hi, my name is Samantha. I am a born and raised Coloradan. I was born with CDH. My journey began June 18, 1990. I'm interested in getting to know other adult cdh survivors. Im happily married and the mother of a beautiful happy & healthy toddler..
  5. Nebraska

    Is anyone here from Nebraska. I live in Nebraska and currently know no one from here on this site. Everyone's support here is amazing, just would like to know some people from my state.