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  1. 23 weeks prego and my son has CDH

    hi. everyone. i had to meet with a cardiovascular ultrasound tech cause my sons heart was pushed all the way to the right against the wall... when i met with her she let me know it wasn't the worst cases she has seen... BUT he has a valve right now that is measuring smaller then normal. and the way blood is supost to be flowing is flowing the opposite direction... she says this is happening because there is so much pressure on his heart from his stomach. she said he is still getting some blood flow ...
  2. Hello

    I am 35, married 8 years. We are expecting our first child 11-10-12. Our baby was diagnosed with CDH at 22.5 weeks.

    They think the intestines are in chest but stomach and liver are down. Heart is pushed to right side but formed and functioning. Baby also has clubbed feet.

    We have been referred to University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio.
  3. 08/12/12

    Ethan went to the eye doctor again Friday. His eye doctor referred him to another one to check the cyst on his eye. They said it could be from a stitch that was in his eye after his surgery in May or it could be because the muscle was pulled back doesn't allow the fluid to drain, but go under his eye covering instead. He said because it doesn't seem to really bother him and he would have to sedate him to drain it, to just leave it alone for now. If it gets bigger and unsightly or causes him ...
  4. update: Amairani Vianney

    hello everyone would just like to say im blessed amairani is off all her meds and dosent seem to have any other problem, we havent been on here for a while now she about 6 going on to 7 months old she currently my world lol "Nani" how we call her cuz its much easier is a little DIVA now she loves clothes she knows whats hers and what she wants, nani has begun to sit up all by her self and wants alot of freedom too!! I cant belive that on new years eve i was so scared to have her and ...
  5. The Siler Family

    Quote Originally Posted by Hope Siler View Post
    Hello Everyone,

    I figured I would post our families introduction on this page even though I have been in contact with some of you for a while. Me and my husband Dalan live in Utah and we were planning on delivering at Mckay Dee Hospital, but soon found out we would be going to the University Hospital instead.

    We found out at 20 weeks we were having a son and also there seemed to be a mass in his chest pushing his heart severely to the left. Our doctors said that because