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  1. Silas' Birth- Sept 23, 2011

    Posted on October 10, 2011

    O.K. so here I go after my son passing one week ago on Fri. Sept. 23, 2011 I THINK I am ready to take the time to place the end of his story down in black & white.. I cant make any promises but here goes.. It's been a while since I last wrote on here. I mean really there was no real reason to have to write. However, there is now a whole lot to say to the world! On Mon. Sept. 19, 2011 I thought that my water had broken as I was riding to the store I was ...
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  2. So Many CDH Babies in Seattle Children's Hospital

    There are at least 6 families in Seattle Children's Hospital today with CDH Babies. Out of those 6, I know 4. I wish I knew the other 2. I have officially adopted Seattle Children's Hospital and today I am going to be dropping off informational packets to the NICU,the CDH Story books will be donated to the library for everyone to check out and read. Im hoping they will distribute the info to the 2 families I dont know. I pray for their CDH babies everyday and hope things are going well for them, ...
  3. Your First Thanksgiving

    Happy 1st Thanksgiving, Liam Anthony!

    We made it... got through our first Thanksgiving. The holidays bring up a mix of emotions, mostly sadness because you aren't here to share them with us. I know that you are here with us, but it's different. I keep telling myself that "different" is good, but it still breaks my heart. Not having you to hold is the one thing that I never wanted to be different!

    On Wednesday, we took Landon out to dinner and to see Happy ...
  4. Little Rock

    Well the appointment didn't go so well. When we were diagnosed we were told that they believed that it was a small hernia. Well when we went in Wednesday they informed us that Ridley's heart was pushed way over and that the left side may not be growing as it should. We also found out that not only are some bowels and his stomach, but also a portion of his liver are up. The nice thing about the whole day was seeing my son. They estimated his weight at 2lbs and 11oz
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  5. Thanksgiving

    Ethan is about to celebrate his 4th Thanksgiving. We are so thankful to have him here to share this special day with us. He won't be eating turkey and dressing this year, but that's ok. Maybe next year. He did taste some lemonade last night and liked it. Praying for all those who are grieving, homebound or in the hospital. Thanking God for family and friends. Wishing everyone a day full of Thanks.