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  1. 30weeks... && maternity photo shoot:)

    so now im 30 weeks and a few day,
    everyday i keep her inside is a gift
    we have a ultrasound every week that keeps me busy,
    this week coming up i have one appiontments everyday starting
    from 8am till they let me go, im going to be tierd!
    but its worth it, they get there info anf i get tons of u/s pics,
    even though its normal now that i dont look at the tv no more i just take a quick nap

    everything is great so far,
    her liver never ...
  2. Carving Pumpkins

    Good Morning, My Angel Boy, Liam!

    Yesterday was Nonna's birthday. She and Grandpa came over and brought their new puppy, Avery. She and Lucy played like crazy. Your big brother finds it hysterical when they run and their ears flop up and down. I made a wonderful dinner- if I do say so myself! We had ice cream birthday cake and carved a pumpkin together. Daddy cut the top off, Nonna scooped out the "guts" and I carved his face. He's very cute, or "so cool," as your ...
  3. A, i, ai, aaaa, iiiiii

    So, guess what! I've decided I'm stuck in the middle of the movie "My Fair Lady"! Change out the characters and replace Eliza Doolittle with my CDH son, Adam! Oh the joys of Apraxia - a neurological speech disorder. It really is quite the challenge at times.
  4. Bryson Alexander 33 weeks 4 days

    Things are doing ok. We went yesterday for another u/s. These things are getting old.
    They are performing bio physical exams on him to see if he passes certain things to keep a close eye on him. He has passed everything so far. He is even practicing breathing. It is very interesting with all of these things because we never thought we would be in this position.
    But, we are doing well and staying positive.
    We also had an echocardiogram. Our last one that we need and met with ...
  5. So much in so little time....

    It seems after being hospitalized Axel is out to prove the world he can do anything. His sitting solo was ok at best now it's great. His therapist said he would n't sit till after Christmas. He loves to watch Elmo. He started saying "BABABABABABA." I tell him "no" and he shakes his head no.He can play peek-a-boo(SO CUTE WHEN HE DOES IT). He's cut his first tooth. When I bathe him he wants to be in the toddler part of his tub and not reclining in the baby part. Most of all he ...