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Introducing Myself

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Hello my name is Chelsie, I have a daughter that was born with a left side CDH on December 19th 2017. The day she was born I will never forgot I never knew I could love someone so much, when she was born they noticed she was breathing hard. They rushed her to the nursery to put her under the oxygen tent, at just 12 hours old I get told my daughter has a CDH, this being my first child and not knowing exactly what it was of course my husband and I break out in tears. Then after her pediatrician explains to us what it is we get told she will be getting sent to UAB Children's Hospital, they let us say bye to her before the left with her. That will be a sight I will never get out of my head seeing my child in a transfer box with all these wires hooked up to her. I get discharged right away so we can be up there with her. we arrival at UAB still not knowing how bad her case it and not knowing when surgery will be, she was stable but she was on the ventilator.

After a could days passed of us being there we finally get told her surgery will be on December 28th. Surgery went great come to find out she had a mild case, we thanked god for that. Everything started to get better from there she was just moving forward, soon the ventilator came out we got to finally hold her, she started eating from a bottle. After just being there 3 weeks we get told she is ready to leave and go home, I cried tears of joy that my baby girl would fianlly be coming home. We have been home since January 10th 2018, she is doing great healthy as she can be. We have had serveal check ups since being home and still more to come but she is doing great growing like she is suppose to. We thank the good lord everyday for letting our baby girl be here with us, shes our little miracle baby! I'm so blessed to be her mommy, I love her more then anything else in this world.

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