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I have been so involved in the new parents on this site and have been wanting to remember what feelings I had after we ewre diagnosied. I want to help them, but sometimes wonder if they want to hear from the mom of a non-survivor. I know when I joined that I just wanted information. I know that both parents of survivors and non survivors go through the same things prenatally, so I shouldn't worry, but I do. I just want to help them the way so many on here helped me out.

It seems that time changes the way you interpret things, I think that is why so many people stress the importance of journaling your thoughts, feelings and information from the doctors.

I have been thinking about requesting Faith's medical files. I want to know more, but I am also afraid of what I might read. So that I feel is why I have started to look back through my posts on here and on carepages.

We are also thinking about starting to add to our family. I know that Faith would love to have siblings and if she was here we would also think about adding to our family, maybe not this soon but eventually.
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