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When you don't check daily the messages sure add up. Life has been crazy busy. We have been getting into the swing of things with school and more involved in church. Now I feel like I am doing TOO MUCH!

Another month has passed and still no baby. I think we will use ovulation kit next month so that we can find out if I am ovulating and when.

I feel like I am missing out on so much with Faith in Heaven. I know she is breathing easy there. I just feel so cheated sometimes. It all comes in cycles, grief is a crazy thing. Thankfully its a natural and a healing process, which gives me hope that I can go on. I have to live my life each day. God, Faith and I are all on the same page there.

A couple co-workers are expecting...I must admit I am a little sister in law is pregnant...I am a little jealous of that too...though I know that their baby is a definate MIRACLE! I pray that all goes well for them, they deserve it.

Well off to read a million posts!
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