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My second grandson has arrived Brantley Reed

Angel and Mr Brantley the differences

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well it is now Jan 27 2017 and Mr Brantley is over a year old and walking. Sitting back and watching him grow is a blessing but it takes me back to memeories of his mother Angel maybe it is just me but having a older son Shane and he has 2 children Kendall nd Noah I compare them to him. So watching Brantley grow i remember Angel at his age she was so far behind him. I know that the time she spent in the hospital set her back with many things and she did catch up with everything but the differences between the two brings back so much. Brantley went home just over 24 hour old Angel was 6 months old before we went home for the first time. Just feeding Brantley a bottle when Angel never had a bottle and being able to feed him myself made me cry to start with its the little things that bring back so much. The first night home he spent at my house actually they spent there first 5 months with me until they found new house, so it was odd in a way that the first months he spent with me his mother was still in the hospital at that age. He is so healthy Angel was in and out off the hospital for the first 2 years sometimes it was like just visiting homes for a few weeks lol. Angel didnt start walking until she around 14 to 15 months old and then she had her surgery for her club feet so she learned to walk with pound cast on both legs the little things again. I know the biggest difference was the ability to hold them Angel was over 3 weeks old before I could hold her and the first time she was on vent Mr Brantley on the other hand I was able to hold when he finished his hour time with mom that for me was the biggest difference. I woulddnt change it for either one. Angel I didnt care what she was on I just wanted to hold her in my arms not sit by a bed and just touch her ot hold her hand. Brantley it was just heaven to see him take his first breath and hear that first cry Angel I didnt have that with I had a c-section with her and she was 8 hours old before i got to see her for the first time. Not seeing tubes and so many Ivs on your grandchild is just heaven. Knowing that Angel had the best experience with her child made having to go through what i did with her was the greatest blessing ever. well i will sign off for now but will update soon if i can remember he keeps Nana busy lol.
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