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Our son damion and his life living with congenital diaphragmatic hernia!!!!!

Damion is 5yrs old now!!!

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Damion is doing great, no complications or surgeries since he was a couple of weeks old. Damion has been in preschool since he was 3 going on 4 so this is his second year and he is doing great. I had a speech specialist test him because he is tongue tied and he had no problems that they were concerned with. My son amazes me everyday and everyday I think will he have to have another surgery because he is growing and getting so big but still no surgery and what concerns me is why is it that he is getting so big but the patch hasn't detached, a question I need to ask his doctors. Anyway Damion now has a baby brother Silas who was perfectly healthy and is 17months Now! He is a great big brother and helper to me and my Angel that makes me believe that life is wonderful. Damion starts kindergarten this fall and I will keep everyone updated on him and how well he does in school.
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