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my 10 year old

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Colton was born right side hernia. At 5 days did a repair. Then at 6 months they added a patch. As his body grows the patch will not. He has heart burn pretty bad.

This past year I have had 2 different x-rays done because of concern. First one he was having sharp stabbing pain. X-ray looked good. We followed up with the Surgeon. He said he has no reason at this time to have any concern. He can not do explorative surgery. He needs more reason for a surgery. Like puking green bile, no pooping, fever and breathing issues. So its a waiting game at this point.

Then 2 days ago he started complaining his stomach is hurting and feels like he needs to puke but has not. Zantac is not helping. So I called the Dr. and he ordered an X-ray which looked good. Dr said he sounds good. Just thinking he has a touch of the stomach flu. I don't like the waiting game. At this point I don't even want to let him out of my sight. But the Dr assures me he can go to school. (which they are aware of everything). And I have to go to work. Has anyone else gone through this?
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  1. karahess's Avatar
    It's been a bit over a month, how is Colton doing? Did the pains subside?