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Thread: Borgen, Aubrey Anne

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    Borgen, Aubrey Anne

    Our sweet Aubrey Anne Borgen was born prematurely at 29 1/2wks on monday 8/6/2012 at 2:41am and passed away shortly after at 3:43am. So many of you have found us on facebook and shared your encouraging words and prayers and they mean so much to us.... We know that many have suffered the same outcome and know what we are feeling. We miss her so much and our hearts just ache to hold her one last time. We find peace knowing that she is in the loving arms of Christ and never has to feel pain or suffering that this life can bring. We never thought this would be the outcome for our sweet angel, we truly thought she would be a CDH survivor. She was so strong and held on for as long as she could, but the Lord wanted her and had different plans in store for her. We believe she had a purpose on this earth and in the 1 hour she was here was able to accomplish it.... Touching so many people's lives and allowing God's promise to be shown to so many people. She will forever be our sweet baby girl.... Our hearts will never be whole again until we meet again in Heaven. So happy for the time we got to hold her and take in her beauty. We love you Aubrey Anne Borgen... Forever!

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    I am so sorry for the loss of your Aubrey!!!! Many prayers for peace! Thank you for sharing her with us!
    Mom to Dakota Tenney- born 12-25-08 (RCDH). Diagnosed at 29 weeks. Born 7 weeks and 2 days early (32 weeks and 5 days). She is my Christmas gift and I am never giving her back. ECMO three days. Surgery on Day 13. Home on cannula oxygen 2-25-2009. Off oxygen 3-31-2009. No feeding tube yet *knock on wood*. Hard to feed and still a skinny little girl- but we are working on it!

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    I am sorry for your loss and ask that God put his arms around you and your family.

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    So very sorry.

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    Rest in peace precious Aubrey. I am so very sorry for your loss. May you be surrounded by much comfort in the days to come.
    Tracy - mom to Ian, LCDH diagnosed at birth, 4/3/04. Ian was born at 36 weeks, spent 53 1/2 days in NICU, 7 days on ECMO, surgery was on day 5, 29 days on a vent, 23 days was an oscillating vent, 546 days on oxygen. Inguinal right and left hernias and undescended left testicle surgeries were done on day 48. Currently has heart related medical issues and exercise induced asthma, but is one happy, happy boy!! Also mom to Cole - 13, Shane - 9, and Toby - 4. CHERUBS Parent Advisory Board Member and Co-Chair, Volunteer Co-Coordinator, and Wyoming State Representative.

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    Thank you everyone for the sweet words. It is the hardest thing we have ever gone thru and it is so hard that life has to go on without her. My heart just aches to hold her again, but we both know we will be able to do this in Heaven. We have good moments and bad moments, not quite good days and bad days yet... We just miss her so much. Thanks again for continued prayers. -Chris and Missy Borgen

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    We continue to send prayers for comfort from Oregon.
    I hope her & all our angels gone ahead are getting to be the best of friends.
    Shelly Moore
    CHERUBS Oregon Representative and Oregon Hospital Angel
    CHERUBS Prayer Committee Member
    CHERUBS Parental Advisory Board Member (2013-2015)

    Grandmother to cherub angel Jayden, the only son to my born to youngest daughter, Alicia.

    Jayden was diagnosed with CDH at his 17 week ultrasound with severe LCDH, stomach, intestines up as well as having polycystic kidneys. He was born February 19, 2010 at 36 weeks gestation.

    Jayden spent 7 days on ECMO after which he was working on gaining strength for surgery when his polycystic kidneys started failing at about day 15, totally failing by day 19.

    Jayden spent 4 days on dialysis before gaining his wings on March 14, 2010 at age 23 days.

    Remembering Jayden - A Family's Journey in Coping with Loss to CDH

    Jayden's CDH Story 2/19/10 - 3/14/10

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