First time name is Mary Lundeen and my survivor is Ben, age 30. We live in Minnesota and he had his surgery and was on ECMO at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis. Ben has done relatively a licensed teacher and married to a wonderful woman. As they tried to begin their family, repeated miscarriages sent both of them in for testing. This is the first time Ben has had genetic testing........shows how much we knew way back when, right?

His results came back with mosiac Klinefelter's syndrome.....with 35% of his chromosomes being "normal" and 65% having the abnomality. Working through challenges Ben has had.....we always thought the issues were due to his birth history and long term results of ECMO. However, I am now rethinking everything!! I don't see this genetic abnormality listed anywhere in the reserach on CDH.....but I do see multiplications of chromosomes being a potential cause.

Anyone else out there with info on this??

Thanks in advance for your help!