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Thread: New Site Info / Questions / Problems

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    How to post pictures

    I would love to make a user album. How do I do this. I've tried looking all over, but I don't see anyway to get this done. Would love some help so I can share my family with everyone.

    Thank you so much!

    Freedom Green, Mommy to Kylee Freedom Green, 10/4/00 10/5/00, LCDH with multiple congenital anomalies including diaphragmatic hernia & heart defects, two vessel cord & Trisomy 18, And m/c in Dec. 01, Joseph Martin Green III 2/10/03, Skyla Zoey Freedom Green 3/8/04, Chloe Elizabeth Stabrow Green 01/19/06

    From Owings Mills, Maryland
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    freedom, not sure if you remember me
    Lise Dill...Grace's mom. have been busy....3 more children!!!!
    I'm so happy for you!
    So besides having your children, what else have you been up to???

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    Freedom, up top on the bar under the kids' photos you'll see User Albums. Click on that and you'll see a list of those who have already set up their albums. Scroll to the bottom of that list and you should see a link to set up your own album. I can't wait to see photos!
    Mom of Shane (1/28/93-9/11/99) LCDH x6 and multiple complications and birth defects. Founder and President of CHERUBS.

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    Nope, Dawn, I can't find such a button either. The only way, I've figured out is really backwards, but, Freedom, look at one of your own posts. At the bottom of your post there is a a button for Gallery. Click on that and you will see a route to post photos. Hope this helps.
    Kara- mom to Aaron (8-30-03) and Adam- LCDH (8-7-06). Gastric Volvulus at 7 months old; Borderline Chiari Malformation; reherniation- bowel blockage and intestional malrotation at 26 months old; Apraxia of Speech - neurological speech disorder; Auditory Processing Disorder; Asthma; and frequent headaches.

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    Introducing CHERUBS new Facebook CDH Forums application!

    Our same wonderful safe and confidential forums but now more easily accessible through Facebook!

    Facebook Forum App -

    Sign up (free!) -

    View our forums, read member blogs, view photos right through Facebook!

    You can view the public forums without being a member but only members can view the private members only areas.

    Any problems signing up e-mail us at

    Any questions about how to use the forums, our CPAB is ready to help at
    Mom of Shane (1/28/93-9/11/99) LCDH x6 and multiple complications and birth defects. Founder and President of CHERUBS.

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    I need help..?

    I dunno where to post this, I'm only new to all of this.. My daughter was diagnosed at 30 days after birth with right side CDH. She spent 2months in hospital in ICU and had her sugery. She is 5 months now but the past week ive noticed that Lucy is gettin sick a lot and her bowels are not opening daily..! Is this common. She can go 3 days without a poo..

    QUOTE=Dawn TorrenceWilliamson;695]You can reply here if you have any questions about the new site. A few bits of info:

    To Sign In:

    - Members who joined CHERUBS before September 26th have accounts on this site. To retrieve your password, your username is FirstnameLastname (ex DawnTorrence - no spaces) if you joined alone. Spouses would be John and MarySmith, with spaces between first names and the word and. The E-mail address should be your e-mail address that we have in the database.

    - If you've changed your e-mail in the past few years and didn't update us then you need to contact us at and ask to have your new e-mail address added. Include your name, cherub's name, phone number and new e-mail address.

    - If you joined after September 26th please register

    - If you are unsure if your registration went through (you would have received a member update e-mail if it had), then please send us an e-mail at at and ask to have your new e-mail address added. Include your name, cherub's name, phone number and new e-mail address. Please do not register again unless we ask you to - we do not want duplicates in the database please.

    Other Site Info:

    - Click here for information about Adding Photos

    - Click here for information about our Calendar

    - Use the FAQ up top for most questions on this software

    - Change your password, time zone and avatar (graphic/photo) by clicking on Profile up top

    - You can send and receive Private Messages through this system to other members

    - You must have java and cookies enabled to use our site

    - You can add your own blogand make each post private or public and change the design of your blog

    - You can add your own personal photo album as well and upload photos of your cherub by clicking on the bottom of the album list to start your own album

    - You can add research links or a links to your personal web site by filling out the form to the left on the links page

    - Bookmarks are set when you post to a forum so you can keep up with replies. You can change this this setting in your profile.

    - Administrators are in Red Type, Advisors in Blue and Volunteers in Green. Administrators and Advisors can help you with any problem you may have. Each forum also has a moderator who has the authority to ban anyone who might stir up trouble.

    - You can change your username but let's please keep it to real names so we can recognize each other.

    - Member posts to the forums are private and can only be seen by other members.

    - Our Calendar will feature the birthdays and memorial days of those members who gave publishing permission on their membership forms. You can change permission setting in your profile.

    - The Search function on this member section only works within the member software, not the rest of the site

    - Remember your password! We do not have access to your password if you forget, we can only reset it for you. Make sure you keep your e-mail address updated so you can retrieve it yourself if needed.

    - We ask that you upload only one photo of your cherub in the main cherub albums of Survivors and Non-Survivors. You are welcome to upload many more in your personal album.

    - Please upload conference and get-together photos if you have them!

    - If a member is being rude on the forum you can report them by flagging their post. To do so, click on the yellow box in the upper right corner in their post (just above their text).

    - Be careful of what you say - we will NOT edit or erase any posts!

    - What is said here, stays here. Please respect others privacy by not repeating what is posted here. If a member wants to say something in public, they can post it in their blog.

    - We have Rules of Behavior here! We will warn you / temporary ban you 3 times for small infractions and ban you permanently for large social faux paus. If you can't get along well with others, we would rather not welcome you here.

    - This is a place of SUPPORT - no gossiping, no cattiness, no rudeness, no mudslinging, no judging the decisions of others, no bashing other organizations, no cursing, no slander, no stalking, NO DRAMA! CDH puts us through enough already. If you can't say something nice then don't say it! This applies off the site as well - troublemakers who can't get along with other members through e-mails or phone calls, etc, will also be banned!

    Any questions or problems, just respond to this post![/QUOTE]

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    Hello Sarah! I would check with her doctor. These little ones do have bowel obstruction very easily. My son Bryson use to have pooping issues just in general and was on Miralax for a while. He's doing well now without it but it was hurting him really bad so I would definitely check with the doctor in case she is in pain from this. Keep us posted.
    Felecia Marie Woodruff- CHERUBS Volunteer
    Pennsylvania State Representative, Awareness Committee Leader, Parent Advisory Board Member

    Daughter, Hayden, DOB October 8th, 2009. CHERUB SURVIVOR son, Bryson, DOB July 30th, 2012 born at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
    21 Days ECMO, 6 Days Oscillator Ventilator, Day 32 CDH Surgery, Day 35 Got to hold him for the 1st time, 25 Days Conventional Ventilator plus 21 Days while on ECMO, 4 Days CPAP, 17 Days Nasal Cannulas, Day 90 Came Home from the NICU
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  8. #38 is the area to post your questions too. Once you pull this link up, right above all the threads, is a pink button that reads post a new thread. Hit that and you can start a new thread. Let me know if you want me to move your post for you. If you need any help with the forums, please let me know. Send me a message here on the forums or

    Welcome to CHERUBS Sarah!

    I would definitely talk with the doctor about your concerns. CDH babies and children can get bowel obstructions, just due to how things developed and how the organs were put back during their repair surgery. Many CDH babies can be on some type of medication to help them with bowel movements. Anything not normal for Lucy in regards to bowel movements, definitely talk with her you doctor. Is there any new foods in her diet at all recently?
    Tracy - mom to Ian, LCDH diagnosed at birth, 4/3/04. Ian was born at 36 weeks, spent 53 1/2 days in NICU, 7 days on ECMO, surgery was on day 5, 29 days on a vent, 23 days was an oscillating vent, 546 days on oxygen. Inguinal right and left hernias and undescended left testicle surgeries were done on day 48. Currently has heart related medical issues and exercise induced asthma, but is one happy, happy boy!! Also mom to Cole - 13, Shane - 9, and Toby - 4. CHERUBS Parent Advisory Board Member and Co-Chair, Volunteer Co-Coordinator, and Wyoming State Representative.

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