Birth History Survey Results

SurvivorNon SurvivorDueTotal
Cesearean Section3021290431
Vaginal, Epidural Administered3514049
Cesarean Section349043
Cesarean Section, Epidural Administered199028
Vaginal, "Natural" Delivery148022
Vaginal, Forceps7209
Vaginal, Epidural Administered, Midwife Delivery3205
Cesarean Section, Epidural Administered, Breech Delivery1203
Vaginal, Forceps Delivery, Epidural Administered5106
Vaginal, "Natural" Delivery, Midwife Delivery3104
Vaginal, Midwife Delivery3104
Vaginal, Epidural Administered, "Natural" Delivery3104
VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-Section), Epidural Administered2103
Vaginal, Exit to ECMO, Epidural Administered1102
Home Birth3003
Cesarean Section, Breech Delivery2002
Vaginal, "Natural" Delivery, Delivery at Home1001
Cesarean Section, Delivery at Home0101
Vaginal, Forceps Delivery, Epidural Administered, Breech Delivery0101
Cesarean Section, Epidural Administered, Demerol Administered0101
Vaginal, Epidural Administered, Demerol Administered2002
Vaginal, Forceps Delivery0101
Cesarean Section, Exit to ECMO, Epidural Administered1001
Vaginal, Exit to ECMO1001
Vaginal, Exit to ECMO, "Natural" Delivery, Midwife Delivery, Delivery at Home, Water Birth1001
Vaginal, "Natural" Delivery, Midwife Delivery, Delivery at Home, Water Birth0101
Exit to ECMO1001
Vaginal, Epidural Administered, Demerol Administered, "Natural" Delivery1001
Exit to ECMO, Vaginal1001
Forceps Delivery, Epidural Administered1001
Vaginal, Demerol Administered, Midwife Delivery1001
Vaginal, Cesarean Section, Exit to ECMO, Epidural Administered1001
Vaginal, Breech Delivery0101



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Survivors Diagnosed In Utero ( 95 Total)

Survivors Diagnosed After Birth ( 58 Total)

Non-Survivors Diagnosed In Utero ( 47 Total)

Non-Survivors Diagnosed After Birth ( 15 Total)