Birth History Survey Results

SurvivorNon SurvivorDue-*Total
Cesearean Section30012900429
Vaginal, Epidural Administered36150051
Cesarean Section4190050
Cesarean Section, Epidural Administered2190030
Vaginal, "Natural" Delivery1680024
Vaginal, Forceps62008
Vaginal, Epidural Administered, Midwife Delivery32005
Vaginal, Epidural Administered, "Natural" Delivery32005
Cesarean Section, Epidural Administered, Breech Delivery12003
Vaginal, Forceps Delivery, Epidural Administered61007
Vaginal, "Natural" Delivery, Midwife Delivery41005
VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-Section), Epidural Administered31004
Vaginal, Midwife Delivery21003
Vaginal, Exit to ECMO, Epidural Administered11002
Home Birth30003
Cesarean Section, Breech Delivery20002
Vaginal, Exit to ECMO10001
Vaginal, Forceps Delivery, Epidural Administered, Breech Delivery01001
Cesarean Section, Delivery at Home01001
Vaginal, Forceps Delivery01001
Cesarean Section, Epidural Administered, Demerol Administered01001
Vaginal, Epidural Administered, Demerol Administered20002
Vaginal, Exit to ECMO, "Natural" Delivery, Midwife Delivery, Delivery at Home, Water Birth10001
Cesarean Section, Exit to ECMO10001
Vaginal, "Natural" Delivery, Delivery at Home10001
Vaginal, Epidural Administered, Demerol Administered, "Natural" Delivery10001
Cesarean Section, Exit to ECMO, Epidural Administered10001
Exit to ECMO10001
Vaginal, Demerol Administered, Midwife Delivery10001
Vaginal, Cesarean Section, Exit to ECMO, Epidural Administered10001
Vaginal, Breech Delivery01001
Exit to ECMO, Vaginal10001
Forceps Delivery, Epidural Administered10001
Vaginal, "Natural" Delivery, Midwife Delivery, Delivery at Home, Water Birth01001



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Survivors Diagnosed In Utero ( 105 Total)

Survivors Diagnosed After Birth ( 68 Total)

Non-Survivors Diagnosed In Utero ( 49 Total)

Non-Survivors Diagnosed After Birth ( 15 Total)